Helicopter Money Was supposed to be a joke!

When Milton Friedman, the economist. referred to Helicopter money, he was sarcastically making a point about creating money from thin air and giving it to everyone. He never once proposed or recommended it as a solution to real economic problems. Now it is happening! And touted as a solution to America’s problems. The money the […]

Electronic Voting

Voting will be conducted beginning at 6:00 am Eastern, Wednesday, March 25th and will conclude at 8:00 pm Eastern, on Thursday, March 26th.

Bail out

Airlines and Boeing want a bailout — but look how much they’ve spent on stock buybacks Published: March 21, 2020  Building up cash for a rainy day hasn’t been part of the plan for airlines despite their propensity for going bankrupt in hard times Read More

Trump Signs into Law

Find out Who’s covered and Who is Left Out, Congress made Companies over 500 Employees Exempt, GOP & DFL fail to deliver. Families First summary PDF 

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