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Posted February 3, 2016:

Despite DC Blizzard, Association, American Continue Talks
January 29, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,
With some difficulty traveling due to winter storm Jonas, the Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met with American Airlines the week of January 25th in Washington DC.

We continue to make steady and thorough progress toward a new joint collective bargaining agreement, and remain firm in our stance to advocate what is best for the membership.  Our main goal continues to be to incorporate the best of both contracts into a joint agreement.

The following is the update from this negotiation session for Mechanic and Related/Stores:

-- We have exchanged proposals with the company regarding fitness for duty and engaged in lengthy discussions on the understanding and interpretation of this article in a forward looking application. We are now awaiting the company’s response to our proposal.
-- We have also exchanged proposals on grievance procedures, which is a particularly complex task, as we are blending two existing, mature practices. This article is the foundation of our ability to enforce your rights under the agreement, so we are working through it with extreme diligence and care.  We are now awaiting the company’s response to our proposal.
-- Due to various complexities surrounding the above mentioned articles, we were unable to present our proposals to the company regarding the system board of adjustment and probation articles, but plan to do so in our next session.
-- On Thursday, we received initial proposals from the company on bulletin boards and uniforms.

We are scheduled to continue negotiations during the following weeks: February 8th in BWI, February 29th in DFW, March 7th in DCA, March 21st in DFW and March 28th TBD.

We appreciate your continued patience and solidarity throughout this process, and will continue to provide updates after each session.

In solidarity,
Jason Best
Mike Bush
Ken Coley
John Coveny
Dale Danker
Mark Huffman
Bennie Martino
Gary Peterson
Larry Pike
Sean Ryan
Jay Sleeman
Mark Strength

District 142 Scholarship Competition

The following is a basic format for the year 2016 District #142 Scholarship Program and is intended for the guidance of all members and legal children of members who may be eligible to participate in the competition.

The competition will be open to all members in good standing of District Lodge 142 as of February 1, 2016, as well as their legal children who are 2016 graduating high school seniors.  The winners of the competition will receive scholarship tuition of $1,000.00.  This money will be paid directly to the college or accredited institution of higher knowledge, at which the entrant is accepted, for tuition only.

The competition will be based on an essay competition, the subject of which will be selected by the Scholarship Committee.  This Committee will also select the judges, who must be scholars or leaders in the labor movement, and who are not members of District #142.  The essays will be judged on grammar, style, syntax, originality and content, and the decision of the judges will be final.  Upon receipt, essays and application forms will be separated and numbered correspondingly.  The essays will be identified by number only for judging purposes.  The Scholarship Committee will match winning essays to the appropriate application.  All essays received will become the property of District #142 and may be printed in the future using the contestant's name.

To apply for the competition, a fully completed application form together with an essay must be sent by U.S. mail to the District Office and postmarked no later than midnight April 30, 2016.

Entrants must comply with all the rules regarding the Scholarship competition or face disqualification.  Additionally, any information supplied by entrants found to be untrue will result in disqualification.  Disqualification will be made only by majority vote of the Scholarship Committee.

Competition will open on February 16, 2016 and will close at midnight April 30, 2016.  Applications postmarked after that date will not be considered.  Winners will be announced on June 30, 2016.

Application forms for the competition together with specific rules and regulations are available through your Local Lodge or through the District 142 website at www.iamdl142.org .  Additionally, the General Chairperson assigned to your area can provide answers to any other inquiries concerning the entire program.

All eligible members and year 2016 graduating high school seniors who are legal children of members are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to win financial assistance toward their continuing education.

Good Luck to All!!!

David Supplee
President-Directing General Chair
Ann Pantuso Liu
General Chair

Posted January 26, 2016:
Nellie Stone Johnson Scholarship

Posted December 22, 2015:
District 141 Meets with United, Secures Wage Increase for Members Working Under Modified Contracts

December 17, 2015

District 141 Meets with United, Secures Wage Increase for Members Working Under Modified Contracts IAM District 141 and United Airlines met this week and began the process of determining which provisions of the current IAM-United collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) will be the subjects of collective bargaining in the upcoming expedited, limited issue contract negotiations. The parties also agreed upon a wage increase for IAM-represented employees working under modified contracts.

As you may know, IAM District 141 and United agreed in November to enter expedited, limited issue negotiations to modify the current IAM-United CBAs, which become amendable on January 1, 2017, to take advantage of favorable industry conditions. While these negotiations are not traditional Railway Labor Act (RLA), Section 6 collective bargaining, they may nonetheless present the unique opportunity to provide IAM members at United meaningful wage gains and enhance already improved job security in an expe-dited timeframe (IAM District 141 demanded and achieved, as a condition to enter expedited, limited issue negotiations, that United be prohibited from outsourcing work currently performed by IAM members at United Airlines until 1/1/2019 or one year following any subsequent agreement). Our intent is to make further scope and work protection improvements in any agreement that may be reached.

Your negotiating committee’s positions regarding which issues require improvement this week were guided by the survey results and local representative and member input. Participation in the contract survey was widespread among the different classifications and extremely encouraging. Participants by far rated the top issues as wage increases, strengthened job security (scope) and enhanced pension benefits.

Your negotiating committee requested United show a sign of good faith by including IAM-represented workers at locations working under modified CBAs to receive the same percentage wage increase as all other IAM-represented, similarly classified workers receive on January 1, 2016. United agreed. This is a positive sign and a good start.

It is because of your hard work and past sacrifices that United Airlines is posting record profits and you deserve a bigger share of those profits and the security of knowing that your job will not be contracted out to the lowest bidder. You shouldn’t have to wait years for these improvements, as is often the case under RLA, Section 6 bargaining. As your union representatives, we have an obligation to ensure that you receive a fair deal for your labor. The upcoming expedited, limited issue negotiations provide us with that opportunity and to achieve further deserved equity.

IAM District 141 and United have agreed to meet the weeks of January 4th, January 18th, February 1st and February 15th. When both parties finalize the list issues that will be sub-ject to bargaining in these expedited, limited issue negotiations, they will immediately be communicated to the membership.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Mike Klemm, PDGC

Posted December 9, 2015:
DL 19 December Newsletter

Here is a link to the December 2015 newsletter (PDF format) from District Lodge 19.

Posted December 8, 2015:
30,000 TWU-IAM Association Members Open Negotiations With American Airlines

Amid unprecedented company and industry profitability, the TWU-IAM Association today announced that it commenced the largest ever joint contract negotiations with American Airlines for approximately 30,000 ground workers in Dallas, Texas.

“American Airlines is booking record profits quarter after quarter because of its merger with US Airways. The carrier will more than double its earnings this year as compared to last year’s results,” said Association Chairman and Vice Chairman Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo, respectively. “The time has come for the 30,000 TWU-IAM Association members to achieve what they rightfully deserve: the industry’s best contracts."

“It was these workers who sacrificed when times were bad and made it possible for American to not only survive, but now thrive,” continued Pantoja and Lombardo. “It’s high time they receive their just rewards by attaining the job security, compensation, working conditions and the dignified retirement they rightfully deserve. Nothing less will suffice."

American Airlines and US Airways merged in 2013, creating the largest global airline. In response to that consolidation, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) formed a labor alliance, representing approximately 30,000 Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores/Logistics employees. Prior to the merger, the TWU represented pre-merger ground workers at American and the IAM represented their pre-merger US Airways counterparts.

The TWU-IAM Association is the largest labor union at American Airlines.

For more information, visit www.usaamerger.com

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