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Posted February 25, 2015:
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Posted January 15, 2015:
An Update on IAM's Response to United

Rich Delaney, 14 January 2015: Download

In response to United Airlines’ notification to District 141 of their consideration to contract out, the IAM immediately called for a meeting and the beginning of the negotiation process outlined in Article 2 of our contracts.

Representatives of District 141 and United met yesterday, January 13, 2015 to address the Company’s decision. As a result of that meeting 3 key agreements were reached:

1. A meeting among all 28 at risk station representatives was immediately scheduled and is being held today, January 14th in Chicago. The purpose of the meeting is to hold initial discussions over the Company’s business plan and to schedule individual station negotiation sessions to begin as quickly as possible to look for alternatives to the Company intent to contract out work. Those meetings should begin next week.

2. Push United to commit to a specific timeframe to bring in the ground handling work called for under Letter of Agreement #6. As a result of yesterday’s meeting United has now committed to insource all committed work Below the Wing in DCA, LAS, MCO, PDX, SAN, SEA, TPA and HNL. In addition, United has now agreed to insource Above the Wing work in SAN and PDX and work in both classifications in PIT. The date for all insource work to be brought under IAM contracts is June 1, 2015.

3. United and District 141 have agreed to enter negotiations under the provisions of Letter of Agreement #1 allowing for continuous bargaining on several issues related to job security including Full Time commitments, filling of vacancies, and seniority rights; in addition to other seniority issues involving vacation bidding and premium position selection. These negotiation sessions will begin in mid-February.

The need for these meetings is the result of United’s determination to stick with a plan of operation that was developed when the airline suffered from runaway fuel costs and limited profits. It has not changed even though the industry has stabilized, fuel is under control, and profitability is at historical highs. The issue now is that regardless of the billions of dollars United has earned they look at Delta and American and want to make more.

We will use every provision of our contracts to its fullest to protect our membership and work towards reversing the Company’s intent to contract out work in each station or reducing the impact United’s decision may have on individual members and their families.

Delta Flight Attendants, IAM File For Historic Election

The IAM today delivered signed election request cards to the National Mediation Board (NMB) from nearly 12,000 Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants to formally request that the federal agency conduct a union representation election at the carrier.

An election victory for the more than 20,000 Flight Attendants at Delta would be the largest ever transportation sector organizing win and would cap off more than two years of grassroots efforts by Delta Flight Attendants to gain union representation.

“This is an historic day for these courageous Flight Attendants,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “The IAM stands firmly behind the Delta Flight Attendants’ effort to win a strong voice in their profession and stability in a volatile industry.”

The NMB is expected to order a representation election within four to six weeks of today’s filing. The 12,000 election request cards represent approximately 60 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants, well above the NMB’s minimum requirement of 50 percent to hold an election.

“An overwhelming majority of Delta Flight Attendants today demanded that a union representation vote be conducted,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “They are an inspiration to the entire labor movement. The IAM will make every effort to ensure that they achieve their goal of negotiating an industry-leading contract.”

“We are the reason Delta is the world’s most profitable carrier and leads the industry in almost every financial and operational measure,” said 35-year Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Gabe Perez. “Yet, we lag the industry in wages, benefits and work rules. That will change once we win our election and negotiate the industry-best contract we deserve.”

The IAM is the world’s largest airline union, representing approximately 100,000 workers at nearly every U.S. airline. For more information about the Delta Flight Attendants’ historic campaign visit www.iamdelta.net.

Posted January 12, 2015:
United Keeps Us on Thin Ice

Rich Delaney, 10 January 2015: Download

Several months ago, United Airlines informed District 141 that they had asked outside contractors to submit proposals to perform ground handling work in several line stations in which IAM represented employees currently perform work. The stations were not identified but United indicated it was quite an extensive list of stations that fell outside the Tier 1 and Tier II stations named in our Agreement.

In station briefings, discussions, and rumors indicate that United is preparing to move to the next step of the process and identify stations being considered for contracting out. In response, District 141 is preparing for the next step also. District representatives met this past week to plan our reaction to whatever announcement United may make at whatever time they choose to make it.

Under the provisions of Article 2 of the Passenger Service, Fleet Service, and Storekeepers Agreements, United must notify the IAM before any implementation and enter into negotiations with us over the possible contracting out of work. Included in that negotiations process is the need for the Company to provide all information regarding the contractors bid, on an individual stations basis, and allow the IAM to review and possibly propose alternatives to the acceptance of a contractors bid. This contract language was exercised last Spring when United determined to contract out 15 stations and led to the modification of the Agreement and the continued employment protection in 3 of those stations.

Whenever we receive the notification from United we intend to act immediately to start this review and negotiation process. As called for under Article 2, representatives of District 141 will meet with United to review any proposal from a contractor that United is considering accepting. In addition, we will identify and bring together representatives from any identified station, along with their assigned Assistant General Chairman, to begin the discussion and negotiation of possible alternatives to contracting out of work. This group will also meet with United representatives as quickly as possible to begin the direct talks necessary. Article 2 requires any proposed change to the terms of our existing contract that may affect members in a specific station must be reviewed and ratified by the members of that station by a two thirds majority vote in order to be implemented.

It is critical for all members to understand any announcement by United regarding their interest in contracting out work starts the process and is not a final determination of the status of any station. United is obligated by our contracts to meet with the IAM and engage in good faith bargaining over the issue of contracting out before they take any steps to transfer work to outside contractors.

The timetable for these events is completely within the control of United Airlines and will not begin until we are officially notified of the Company’s intent. But we are preparing today for it so we can aggressively and quickly act on behalf of members whether the notification comes within days, weeks, or months from now.

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